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Night Vision Monoculars

Night vision monoculars amplify ambient light from natural sources such as the moon and stars or man made sources such as distant streetlights through an intensifier tube, which projects an amplified image onto a phosphor screen before the eyepiece. The result is typically rendered in shades of green.

A well-made night vision monocular can literally transform night into day, before your eyes, albeit the "day" will have the familiar and distinctive green hue to it.

Our night vision monoculars may be used as a hand-held device or worn with an adapter to mount on a headband or helmet for hands-free use.

Night vision has one limitation: If there is not enough ambient light available, the device cannot render a useable image. The quality of this image varies with the type of device, most notably, the "Generation" of the technology.

We have night vision monoculars to fit every budget. Choose from Armasight, ATN,Firefield, Morovision, Newcon, Night Optics USA, Pulsar, Sightmark, US Night Vision and Yukon.

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