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Thermal Multi-Purpose Systems

Thermal imaging hand held monoculars and binoculars are wonderful devices in their own right for spotting game in any lighting condition, day or night regardless of visability levels due to fog, smoke or dust. However, the multi-purpose thermal units offered by Techeyes add yet another layer of versatility in that these models can be hand held, head mounted or mounted on a firearm.

Heat signatures in inanimate objects such as trees, rocks and manmade structures are attained by absorbing heat from the sun. Living things such as humans and animals create their own heat internally, as do vehicles and aircraft. Because different materials absorb and lose heat at different rates, they render a distinct pattern and signature when rendered through a thermal imager. As a device, thermal imagers are as usable during the day as they are at night time.

Morovision and ATN manufacture a variety of these truly versatile systems that no hunter or scout would want to leave home without.

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